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Lifestyle Coach & Master Trainer Training Scholarship

Lifestyle Coach & Master Trainer Training Scholarship

$ 500.00

About Lifestyle Coach and Master Trainer Training Scholarship

The scholarship is offered to increase the number and capacity of coaches working with priority populations. Priority populations include Medicare beneficiaries; men; Black or African American, Asian American, Hispanic, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander persons; and people with visual impairments or physical disabilities. Coach and master candidates for this scholarship must meet all the criteria below prior to registration into the Lifestyle Coach or Master Trainer Training.

Applicant Requirements: 

Lifestyle coach and master trainer candidates must meet the following criteria to be considered as a recipient for this scholarship.

  • Applicants must be affiliated with an organization that has one of the following CDC recognition status (Preliminary, Full, Full Plus). For more information about the CDC Registry check here:
  • Lifestyle Coaches must begin facilitating a National DPP group within 6 months of completing Lifestyle Coach Training.
  • The organization that the coach-trainee and master trainer are associated with must provide Solera with a Coach ID for all coaches trained using scholarship funds prior to starting training.
  • Upon approval – applicant can select a training date available, as long as the trained is completed by 7/30/2023.
  • Select the training date you are interested in attending. To see a list of our trainings please visit our store at:
  • Upon coach training completion the lifestyle coach must complete a Post-Training Survey


  • Coach-candidate must attend 100% of the training. Failure to attend could result in failing the training.
  • Coach-candidate must complete a post-training evaluation
  • Coach – substitutions are not allowed. The enrollee who begins the training must be the same coach who completes the training.

Application Process:

Master Trainer: See the Master Trainer Training requirement below.

  • Request a Master Trainer Application from Patty at
  • Include an up-to-date résumé
  • Include a letter of recommendation by the organization you are affiliated with
  • Solera will send you a confirmation email that your application has been received within a week of your submission date.
  • Eligible applicants will be contacted by Solera to schedule a Zoom or telephone interview.
  • Your application will not be considered if you don’t meet the training qualifications required on this list
  • Master Trainer training are conducted in person over a 2-day period. A typical schedule is 8:30 am – 5:00 pm both days. Applicants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, meals, and hotel reservations. If eligible Solera will cover the training fee of $1200.
  • Accepted candidates will be notified and invited to register for upcoming Master Trainer Training.
  • For a list of our trainings – please visit our store at:


Please note, CEU's are not offered for this class.